Stable local community is harmful.

Contrary to popolar thinking, ultra-stable house ownership breeds xonerphobia, racism, and terrorism. This is not to refute the premacy of private property ownership. Instead, it calls for a revision if this theory in that it was proposed at the early stage of capitalism when agriculture was still a strong force and when the world was still a agrigarian society. Cultural assimilation as well as norm compliance were central to economic efficiency. Under those circumstances, stability of property ownership was not only desirable but essential to a societyas progress. Industrialization as well as the digitization that follows, however, requires rapid exchange of ideas, resources,and capital. Property ownership is still pertinent but what is at stake is the mobility of ownership and the speed of ownership exchange. The easier and quicker the exchange is,the wealthier and safer a society becomes, in that it is indicative of healthy diffusion of small and cultures at different levels and scales. On the opposite, a society would become fractionalized, divisive and turbulent. That’s why owning property should be regarded as a bad index of economic health and should be discouraged.


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