A forward look at the Brexit

The Brexit is a new milestone of democracy and foretells how a prosperous, free state should be organised in response to the market and digital challenges. The post-Brexit era will see the inevitable collapse of the EU. It will also present a death toll for mega federations such as the US, India, Russia, and even Australia. Ever increasing population and diversity will eventually drive them apart into forming relatively smaller sovereign states capable of maintaining law and order, as well as looking after wellbeing of the marginalised. Autocratic empires such as China that are clinging to assimilation and stability will have no place in such an era. They will not need any external interventions to falter; they will fall apart themselves and then into decades or even centuries of turmoil and recession. By all means, they will become the biggest threat to the world peace and prosperity, and even trigger another world war, if not contained proactively through the democratic determination heralded by the Brexit.


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